What is my Finger Size? – Ring Size Chart

2016. September 13.

When you choose a ring it is very important to specify your size. Therefore I would like to help you to make it as simple as possible.

We can meet personally in Budapest (in Hungary) and I can measure your finger for ordering or buying a ring. Please feel free to get in touch with me and we’ll make an appointment.

If you live in another country or in the countryside of Hungary and there is no way of a personal meeting, I suggest you visiting a jewellery shop nearby you and ask for their help. So far I have a good experience with my former costumers regarding finger measuring in jewellery shops in the countryside or in other countries.  If it is not possible, please contact me and I really hope to find a solution to specify your finger size

How to measure your own ring? Of course one of the easiest and best way is to measure your own ring, which fits you perfectly. In this case, it is really important that the ring should be round and not unshaped. Measure the inner diameter of the ring preferably by calliper, if you have one. This will help you to get the most accurate measurement. If you don’t get a calliper, measure the inner diameter by a ruler. It is important to know the widths of the measured ring. Please write me the inner diameter and the widths of your ring and I will help you to specify your right size.

Some good advice

  1. It is important to measure your finger size in room temperature. Your finger gets swelled in warm it gets thin is cold. Besides of that it is better to measure it in the evening hours.
  2. In case of wide rings buy one size bigger then your finger size.
  3. I do not recommend you to use homemade ring gauge or twist/string to measure your finger. In this case you can miscalculate 2-3 sizes. You’d rather ask my help or visit a nearby jewellery shop.
  4. It is important to note that people will large knuckles will need to slide the ring through the knuckle.

Are you a Man who is about to get married?

‘Steel’ your fiancée’s ring while she is sleeping, cleaning or washing the dishes then measure the inner diameter by the above method. If it fails or she does not wear ring, you can share this secret with a good friend or a sibling. Ask them to try rings together. There is no girl who can resist this! A dear costumer, Peter chose the following trick: he asked a couple who are his friends to try rings with his girlfriend, as they were getting married, which was really true. That is how we could get Regi’s ring size and make her engagement ring. If you already know the inner diameter it is really easy to convert to the ring size by the chart. Once we have the size, we can design  a truly unique surprise ring for your Beloved!

If you are interested in what kind of Wedding rings I make, visit my site or look around in my Webshop.

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