Vero – the story of my name and image

2016. August 30.

Vero: Ever since I can remember, everybody has called me Vero. My sister started to call me that, when I was a baby. I always loved this name. It is the short form of Veronika. As an architect I learnt jewellery design and making and it could be expected that my life would make a 180 degree change soon. Then people asked me about my brand name. The question has sounded strange for me. It was clear: it can be only Vero. It seems that I am really lucky with this name. It is simple and easy to remember, moreover it means ‘true’ in Italian. What else would I need for a good brand name?

Business card

Nowadays I use white and red business card. But we have created a wide range of variations until the present form. I can say that in parallel with the development of my jewelleries and my thoughts, the style and appearance of my card have developed as well.

I gave up architecture to be a jeweller in 2012. I designed my first card, although I used it for a short time.

As I wanted to have a more professional logo and business card than the first version, I asked Berta Heller graphic designer to plan my first real business card:


Previously I thought that a logo would accompany me for a longer time. But after 3 year jewellery designing I wanted to have a much simpler appearance.


I think that jewelleries deserve the care. That is why each jewellery should get an ideal box. I think that simplicity and nice appearance is important for the packaging and the jewellery boxes. As the goal is rather functionality here.


As the logo and business card have changed, the image of my website has transformed as well. We used smaller photos and different forms in 2012, because they were trendier and it meant the clean design that time.

As the main design trends are changing almost every year, by this time there are different expectations for a website from the users; and different things are logical or cool now. A website must run well on a mobile or a tablet as well. We must pay attention for responsivity. That is why my website got an entirely new look and a webshop function in 2015. At that time János Gräfl helped me to realize my graphic ideas. It’s not a secret that the site is constantly under development, because I would like to offer the best and nicest user-experience for my visitors.

Therefore I started to write blogs, which you have found luckily. I will write interesting blogs. I am interested in a lot of exciting topics, so I hope you will return. Enjoy my blogs and jewelleries!

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