Frank Gehry – Star architects and their Jewelleries – Part 2

2017. April 20.

It is not surprising that Frank Gehry’s fantastic buildings are visited by so many tourists and architects. During my architectural university studies I visited some of his buildings. These are really remarkable works. Now I am looking into another section of his career.  I tried to find out how his architecture had inspired famous jeweller Tiffany & Co. and how the greatness of his work was displayed in a smaller scale.

Frank Gehry 1929-

Frank Gehry (born Frank Owen Goldberg) was born in Toronto in 1929. He is one of the most significant architects, winning the Prizter Prize. He is residing in Los Angeles nowadays.

His buildings are very specific and interesting. If you study his works, it is sure you can recognise his buildings immediately. The architectural community describes him as a deconstructive architect. But he does not agree with this. His design is not definable, but very unique. His own style was developed by the end of the 80’s. He designs his buildings as they were sculptures. They are real masterpieces. We can also recognise his marks in smaller scale: he designed jewelleries, sculptures, lamps, furniture and vodka bottle as well.

Frank Gehry’s jewelleries and buildings

In 2003 Gehry entered into a partnership with Tiffany & Co. Their first exclusive collection was launched in 2006. All pieces of the collections show the character of Gehry’s architecture. During the collaboration they created 6 collections, which are named after recurring motifs in Gehry's work: Fish, Torque, Axis, Fold, Equus and Orchid, Leaves.


"The fish is a perfect form." – Frank Gehry says. He designed Fish lamps in the 80’s. Then he created more fish shaped giant sculptures in Barcelona, Minneapolis and in Japan, Kobe.

Orchid collection features delicate plasticity. The jewelleries resemble to the forms of the structures used in his buildings.

Sinous and freeform shapes are recognisable in the Equus collection.

Gehry welcomes organic forms inspired by the nature. His extremely special forms create a new world in the architecture too, which generate great challenge for the construction designers, architects and contractors. He creates new spirit in jewellery design. He makes contrast between sparkling diamonds and matt surfaces.

This scale difference between giant buildings and jewelleries is also exciting at Gehry’s world, just like at Zaha Hadid’s jewelleries and buildings.

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