February 2017

2017. February 20.

By the 20th and 21st century we can recognise the forms of nature on our everyday objects. What is common in the work of architects became jewellery designers and the activity of artists using the forms of nature on the everyday objects? Our first reaction: there is nothing in common. But if you think it over, it is simple: their scales.

It is so exciting to recognise the parallel between architects jewelleries and buildings. As I used to work as an architect for several years and I switched to design jewelleries, I am interested in how other architects design jewellery with this scale difference. The jewelleries or the jewellery collections designed by famous architects are often similar to their buildings designed at the same time. Well, it works in both ways, you can recognise their style in their jewelleries too.

I search for these parallels in Star architects and their jewelleries series.  Now I am starting with Zaha Hadid star architect.