Vero Lázár

I originally studied to be an architect and worked as such for 15 years before engaging professionally with my lifelong passion: jewellery design and making. Even as an architect I sought artistic and visual forms of expression. An architect always thinks on a grand scale, whereas the world of a jewellery-maker is much smaller but it is just that smaller scale that means the greater and more enticing challenge to me.

I made jewels back in high school already so I hesitated between studying metalwork and architecture, but I finally decided on following in my father’s footsteps and becoming an architect. However, the duality stayed with me both in my university years and my career as an architect. I wistfully watched the works of contemporary jewellery designers and applied for scholarships abroad so I could get involved with more creative subjects.

The switch wasn’t easy of course, the final decision followed many sleepless nights. At first, I was hesitant to show even my closest family and friends the jewels I had designed in the little free time that I had. Then I divided myself spending half of each day at the architect’s office and the other half designing and making jewellery, but I couldn’t keep this up for long. I finally made up my mind at a kayaking trip, realising how unhappy I was with this halfway solution and deciding to dedicate myself fully to jewellery design.

The years I spend as an architect, however, were not in vain: I often “construct” jewels from geometry, I value proportionate, clean shapes and lines.  What I find most exhilarating is the combination and synthesis of different materials, be it precious metal, natural materials or resin. I also like to work with materials used in architecture, since if a material is attractive on its own, why not wear it on our body as well? I most fancy pairs that seemingly form two separate worlds.

Forming pairs and seeking balances are not just characteristic of my jewellery. I enjoy city life, living in Budapest, Hungary, but I couldn’t survive without nature. I am truly fond of hiking, it gives me a great degree of freedom and counterbalances the bustle of the city. I am sure this shows in my jewellery, often a shape or memory from nature, a feeling drive me to make a jewel. But I have also been inspired by materials that I touched or stories that I heard. It is also very exciting to design jewellery for a specific person, as in such cases their personality becomes part of the creation process.

I also prepare many sketches and models. One idea leads to the next, objects constantly develop and take shape, just as I do. I strive to participate in courses and workshops so as to learn the work philosophy of iconic designers.


09. 2022
Budapest Jewelry Week 2022, Quotation mark
Kornél Galéria, Budapest
08. 2021
Ezüstláz Ékszergaléria, Pécs
09. 2020
Night of Jewellery Art Budapest 2020: Jewellery Juice
Fuga Galéria, Budapest
09. 2018
Night of Jewellery Art Budapest 2018: Null point
Fuga Galéria, Budapest
09. 2018
What can be sweeter than this?
Ékszerláz Galéria, Pécs
08. 2018
Mana Ékszerstúdió 15.
Mana Jewellery Studip, Szentendre
10. 2017
Night of Jewellery Art Budapest 2017: 42 Carat
K.A.S. Gallery, Budapest
12. 2017
Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition
Ezüstláz Ékszergaléria, Pécs, Hungary
12. 2016
15th Christmas Jewellery Exhibition
Ezüstgaléria, Budapest
11. 2016
Night of Jewellery Art Budapest 2016: Red gestures
Fuga Galéria, Budapest
11. 2015
Night of Jewellery Art Budapest 2015, Contact Competition
Design Terminal, Budapest
11. 2015
Night of Jewellery Art Budapest 2015 , Three quarter
Magma Gallery, Budapest
Design Terminal
Silver Gallery - Ezüst Galéria
Design Terminal
2013. 2 November - 5 December
YELLYFISH Exhibition
Rózsavölgyi Szalon, 1052 Budapest, Szervita tér 5.
International Jewellery Exhibition
2012. december
Harmony Exhibition, with Károly Szász and Edina Fülöp
Ágens Galery, Budapest
Design Now Exhibition
VAM Design Galery, Budapest


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